Ewan Mackay

Having the right creative strategy in place is vital for continued success as a composer and creative artist. As a creative mentor I can help you.

Why we need a creative mentor

When I began composing, I wrote for the love of it. Now, I write to collaborate with talented musicians who are hungry to play new music, and who help to bring my vision to life. It’s one thing to write a piece, but once it’s complete what do you do with it? As a composer who also has experience in Marketing and Events Coordination, I understand how important it is to have knowledge, experience, and plans, all of which go beyond simply composing music. I have worked hard on building my practice, networking with performers and composers throughout the years and I have learned to think differently about the composer’s place in the grand scheme of things and how to overcome the hurdles we may face, while having successes along the way. Unfortunately, many younger composers haven’t yet learned where to begin marketing and promoting their work, and this is where I believe I can help. If you are reading this and you aren’t sure where to begin, I have some solutions which can help you on your creative journey.


What can I expect?

  • Compositional and creative support
  • Increased creative focus
  • Honest and objective feedback
  • Personal and professional development
  • Increased confidence
  • Creative Growth

What will I work on?

  • Identifying and understanding your strengths and weaknesses
  • Goal setting and map making
  • Designing and executing a marketing strategy
  • Building your passion project
  • Networking and collaborative skills


Working With Me

You can work with me in 60-minute sessions once a week, completely free of charge. My goal as a mentor is to pass on the skills, tools, and knowledge I have gained as I have built my practice through the years. My ultimate goal is to help you grow and develop in your compositional practice, in relation to the goals you have set for yourself. In my experience, the biggest gains have come from making little tweaks in the right places, therefore, it is not necessary to work together indefinitely in order to achieve your goals.  
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